HackNTU 2016
To think, to hack.
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About HackNTU

2016HackNTU 除延續去年的模式,是一場規模盛大的黑客松外,我們也將提供一個更加舒適的環境,整合各式各樣的軟/硬體資源,並結合事前許多的工作坊、開發小聚或課程等等作為系列活動,讓與會者有足夠的知識與資源能進行開發,期望透過這一連串的激盪,讓所有創新的想法在黑客松真實呈現!

Other than continuing to be large scaled hackathon from 2015 HackNTU, we will continue to provide a more comfortable hacking environment, various software and hardware resources at 2016 HackNTU. Along with series of pre-event workshops and courses, the hackers will have sufficient knowledge and resources and develop their project. We hope that through this process of brainstorming, the hackers will be able to bring their innovative ideas to life at 2016 HackNTU !